Kids Dinosaur Jokes
Q: What does a Triceratops sit on top?

A: Its Tricera-bottom.

  Q: What do you get when dinosaurs collide their cars ?

A: Tyrannosaurus wrecks !

  Q: Why did the dinosaur find in the bed ?

A: Because he was tired!

  Q: Why did the dinosaur cross the street?

A: It was the chicken's day off.

Q. Receptionist: Doctor, there's an imperceptible dinosaur in the waiting room.

A. Doctor: say to her I can't see her!

  Q: What do you dub a fossil that doesn't ever want to work?

A: Lazy bones!

  Q: What did the dinosaur say after the car collide?

A: I'msosaurus

  Q: What do you dub a tyrannosaurus that talks and talks and talks ...?

A: A dinobore!

Q: What was T. rex's preferred number?

A: Eight! (ate)

  Q: Why are there aged dinosaur bones in the museum?

A: Because they can't afford new ones!

  Q: Is it true that a dinosaur won't assault if you hold a tree branch?

A: That depends on how fast you carry it!

  John: I lost my favorite dinosaur.
Ron: Why don't you put an ad in the broadsheet?
John: What excellent would that do, she can't read!

  Q: What did the Tyrannosaurus rex find after mopping the floor?

A: Dino-sore!

  Q: Why did the dinosaurs go died out?

A: Because they wouldn't take a bath !

  Q: What makes more sound than a dinosaur ?

A: Two dinosaurs !

  Q: What do you dub a Stegosaurus with carrots in its ears ?

A: Anything you want, it can't hear you!

  Q: What do you call a dinosaur that not at all gives up?

A: Try-Try-Try-ceratops !

  Q: What do you call a dinosaur that smashes the whole thing in its path?

A: Tyrannosaurus wrecks !

  Q: Which dinosaur slept every day ?

A: The dino-snore!

  Q: What do you call Tyrannosaurus rex when it wears a cowboy bonnet and boots ?

A: Tyrannosaurus tex!

Q: What do you said when you meet a two-headed dinosaur?

A: Hello, hello!

  Q: What do you do if you get a blue Ichthyosaur ?

A: Cheer him up!

  Q: Did the dinosaur take a bathtub?

A: Why, is there one missing?

  Q: What's the most excellent way to talk to a Tyrannosaur ?

A: Long distance!

  Q: What type of dinosaur can you ride in a rodeo?

A: A Bronco-saurus !

  Q: What do you find when you cross a dinosaur with fireworks?


  Q: Which type of dinosaur could hop higher than a house?

A: Any kind! A house can't jump!

  Q: What does an enormous Tyrannosaurus eat?

A: Anything she wants!

Q: Why did the dinosaur paint her toenails red color? 55

A: So she could hide in the strawberry patch!

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