Dinosaur Glossary

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Yaleosaurus is alias for the dinosaur Anchisaurus means near lizard. It was a prosauropod from the early Jurassic period, about 200 to 188 million years back.

Yandusaurus was a plant-eating dinosaur from the mid-Jurassic era, about 175-163 million years before. This ancient hypsilophodontid ornithischian was bipedal and calmly built.

Yangchuanosaurus was a meat-eating dinosaur, a theropod with tiny arms and big jaws. It was same as Allosaurus.

Yaverlandia was a thick-skulled plant-eating dinosaur, a premature pachycephalosaur. It was about 3 feet (1 m) long. It lived throughout the early Cretaceous era

Yunnanosaurus was a large plant-eating dinosaur from the early mid-Jurassic era, about 208-194 million years back. This ancient sauropodomorph had a elongated neck, long tail, and a small, narrow head with a short nose