Dinosaur Glossary

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Theropoda Infra-order of the saurischian order.

Thyreophora Sub-order of the ornithischian order.

Triassic First period of the Mesozoic (248-208 MYA).

Triceratops Dinosaur of the ceratopsian infra-order (Cretaeceous).

Tyrannosaurus the family tyrannosauridae Rex Dinosaur (Cretaeceous).

Tarchia it means "brainy one" was an armored, plant-eating dinosaur that dates from the late Cretaceous era, about 78-69 million years back.

Taphonomy which means 'laws of burial' is the science that studies the method of decay and fossilization.

Talarurus it means "wicker [basket] tail" was a huge, armored, quadrupedal, plant-eating dinosaur and it was about 6 m long.