Dinosaur Glossary

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Gallic Epoch it was the middle part of the Cretaceous Period about 127 million to 89 million years back.

Gallimimus it was an ostrich-like dinosaur about 17 feet long. This lightly-built, fast-running theropod was a long-beaked omnivore (eating plants and animals) from the late Cretaceous era, about 75-70 million years ago.

Ganglion is a accumulation of nerve tissue exterior the central nervous system (in any animal). Some of the larger dinosaurs (some sauropods and Stegosaurus) may have a ganglion at the bottom of the tail.

Gargoyleosaurus it was an unbreakable dinosaur that lived throughout the late Jurassic era, about 154 to 144 million years ago.

Garudimimus it was a theropod dinosaur that lived throughout the late Cretaceous era, about 89-83 million years ago.

Gasosaurus it was a theropod dinosaur from the mid Jurassic era, about 175-163 million years back

Gastonia was a deeply armored plant-eating dinosaur from the early Cretaceous period.

Gastralia it is also called gastric ribs, abdominal ribs, or belly ribs are hanging ribs in the belly area.

Gastroliths are stones that some animals ingest and use to help grind up rough plant matter in their digestive system.

Gastropods are a group of mollusks that have a sucker-like foot. These soft-bodied invertebrates comprise the common garden snail, the sea snail, and the slug.

Genotype is the hereditary makeup of an individual organism.

Genus The families are classified addicted to genera.

Geological Time it contains the description of the history, which is calculated in millions of years and billions of years.

Geologist studies geology studies by a scientist.

Geology it is the study of the Earth's structure, including rocks.

Geranosaurus was a little, quick heterodontosaurid ornithischian dinosaur from the early Jurassic era, about 208-194 million years ago.

Gerrothorax was a larval-like amphibian that lived throughout the late Triassic era.

Giganotosaurus The largest carnivore ever found (Cretaeceous).

Gilmoreosaurus was a duck-billed dinosaur that lived throughout the late Cretaceous period (approximately 99-65 million years ago).

Glyptodontidae were olden armadillos (about 50 genera) that lived throughout the Pliocene through the Pleistocene

Gondwana Southern supercontinent in the Triassic.

Gracilisuchus one of the majority dinosaur-like of the entire Triassic crocodiles.

Gryposaurus one of the most frequent of the duck-billed dinosaurs.

Guanlong perhaps the first tyrannosaur ever to walk the earth.