Dinosaur Glossary

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Valdoraptor is a theropod dinosaur that lived during the Cretaceous era, about 120 million years back.

Varanopseidae were the most basic pelycosaurs, appearing throughout the late Carboniferous (Pennsylvanian) period.

Varanosaurus it was a mammal-like reptile (not a dinosaur). This pelycosaur looked similar to a modern-day monitor lizard.

Variraptor is a newly exposed theropod dinosaur from France.

Velocipes was a meat-eating dinosaur from the late Triassic period, roughly 228 - 223 million years past.

Velociraptor was a small, fast, meat-eating dromaeosaurid dinosaur from the Cretaceous era.

Venenosaurus was a plant-eating dinosaur (a titanosaurid sauropod) from the early Cretaceous era.

Vertebrates it is an animals that have a spine. The spine consists of ring-like bones (vertebrae) that guard the soft spinal cord. It evolved during the Cambrian era, over 500 million years ago.

Vieraella herbsti is the first known true frog. It lived throughout the Early Jurassic period, about 188-213 million years back. It was about 1 inch (3 cm) long.

Viviparous animals are born live and do not emerge from eggs.

Volcanic ash which comes from a volcano's eruption

Volcano an explosion of the Earth's crust. When a volcano erupts, it spews out molten rock and gases from deep inside the Earth. The Cretaceous Period was a time of high volcanic movement.

Vulcanodon was a very premature sauropod dinosaur (a Vulcanodontid) about 20 feet (6.5 m) long. It lived throughout the early Jurassic era, roughly 208 to 201 million years ago.