Dinosaur Glossary

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Dilong This emperor dragon may have been an antecedent of T. Rex.

Dilophosaurus This dino was illustrious by the bony crests on its noggin.

Dimetrodon This ancient synapsid had a enormous sail on its back.

Dimorphodon This big-headed pterosaur had two different types of teeth.

Dinosaur Group of animals that have bird-like and lizard-like facial appearance (Mesozoic).

Diplodocus Elongated herbivorous dinosaur of the suborder sauropodomorpha (Jurassic).

Dogger Epoch the middle part of the Jurassic era, the Dogger epoch was about 180 to 159 million years ago.

Draconyx it means "dragon claw" was a plant-eating dinosaur that lived during the late Jurassic era, about 155 million years ago.

Dracopelta it means "shield bearer") was a squat, armored, plant-eating dinosaur from the late Jurassic era about 156 to 150 million years ago

Dragonflies are ancient, flying insects that can fly in the air. They evolved throughout the Mississippian Period, about 360-325 mya.

Drinker was a small, plant-eating dinosaur from the late Jurassic era, about 156 to 145 million years ago.

Dromaeosaurids a set of dinosaurs from the Cretaceous era that was carnivorous, bipedal, small, fast and intelligent. The velociraptor is element of the dromaeosaurid family.

Dromaeosaurus This running lizard was probably enclosed with feathers.

Dromiceiomimus perhaps the fastest dinosaur that ever lived.

Dryosaurus it means "tree lizard" was a quick, leaf-eating, bipedal dinosaur (a hypsilophodontid). It lived in forests throughout the late Jurassic era, about 156 to 145 million years ago.

Dryptosauroides was a large theropod dinosaur that is identified from only a few vertebrae found in India.

Dryptosaurus it means "wounding lizard" was a rapid, bipedal, meat-eating dinosaur (a late coelurosaur) with jagged teeth and a large claw (8 inches = 21 cm long) on the first finger of each hand.