Dinosaur Glossary

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Saurischia organize of the dinosauria.

Sauropoda Infra-order of the sauropodomorpha.

Species Group of animals or plants inferior in classification to genus that can interbreed and differ only in minor details.

Stegosaurus the family of the stegosauria dinosaur (Jurassic).

Suborder it means orders are divided into suborders.

Sediment any material deposited by storm or water, similar to rocks and sand.

Sedimentary rock that has produced from sediment. A large amount of fossils are found in exposed sedimentary rock.

Shale it is a type of rock that is produced from clay that has been pressed into thin sheets.

Shovel a compressed scoop with a grip for digging and used when digging dinosaur fossils.

Skeleton the bony structures of an animals body were made of bones and cartilage.

Skull the bony structure of the head that covers the brain and supports the jaws.