Rhamphorhynchus was a long-tailed pterosaur of the Jurassic stage. Its name means 'beak jaw'. Only 17.5 cm (7 in) lengthy but with a wingspan of 100 cm (3 feet), it was less specialized than the afterward pterodactyloids. It had a lengthy tail stiffened with ligaments which ended in a diamond-shaped vane.

It belonged to the organize Pterosauria, Suborder Rhamphorhynchoidea and belonged to the relations Rhamphorhynchidae.

This meat-eater had lengthy, narrow jaws with jagged teeth that pointed outwards. It had miniature legs.

Rhamphorhynchus ate fish and it is believed that one of the ways it sought was by dragging its beak in the water, catching fish and tossing them into its gullet pouch, a structure alike to that of pelicans, which has been potted in some fossils. This method of catching fish is establish today in skimmers.