Alamosaurus Dinosaur

Alamosaurus Dinosaurs, (meaning "alamo lizard"), was a quadruped herbivore, and was named after Fort Alamo, Texas. Alamosaurus, measured to be one of the last of the sauropods, lived 80 million years ago through the late Cretaceous period.

Gilmore named it in 1922 after partial skeletons were established and it was the first sauropod of the family Titanosaurus Dinosaurs that were found in North America.

Alamosaurus Dinosaur

Alamosaurus Dinosaurs fossils were further have been improved from Montana, New Mexico, Texas and Utah. Till today no complete skulls have been found. The animal had a long neck, and a whip-like tail, probably used to protect itself against predators. Although little evidence has been found, some scientists say Alamosaurus may have had body Armour, like other sauropods at the time.

It is estimated that Alamosaurus dinosaurs was over 69 feet long, and it was first discovered in 1922 by Charles Gilmore. The most recent major Alamosaurus discovery consists of two huge bones, a shoulder bone and a humerus was found at Big Bend National Park, in the 1970's.

Alamosaurus facts:
Name: Alamosaurus Dinosaurs ("alamo lizard")
Size: 33 tons and 69 feet in length
Main Facts: Much larger than other members of the Titanosauridae which weighed approximately 33 tons.
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Alamosaurus News: Discovery Of Alamosaurus dinosaur in Big Bend National Park Discovery of alamosaurus dinosaur

Alamosaurus vertebrae being preserved. Big Bend exhibits dinosaur remains from the last 35 million years of the dinosaurs' existence. Over 90 dinosaur species have been discovered here.

The map shows the location of Alamosaurus dinosaur fossils around the world.

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