Seismosaurus, meaning "Earth-shaking lizard," is one of the huge sauropods of the late Jurassic period. It lived from the Kimmeridgian to the Tithonian age, around 154 to 144 million years past.

From snout to tail, Seismosaurus was approximately 33 meters, or 110 feet long. Its length was lately reduced from 50 meters through a reanalysis of its known tail vertebrae. This length is still longer than the blue whale which is concerning 30 meters, or 100 feet long.

Seismosaurus is an herbivorous dinosaur connected to the Diplodocus. It had nostrils on the top of its head, and its front legs were shorter than its hind legs.

It is known from a partial skeleton exposed in New Mexico in 1979 consisting of vertebrae, pelvis, ribs, and gastroliths.

Seismosaurus Dinosaur