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Segnosaurus Dinosaur Segnosaurus galbinensis is a theropod dinosaur belonging to the collection of the Therizinosauridae. The genus was described in 1979 by Dr. A. Perle. Three specimens (consisting of a mandible, pelvis, hindlimb, scapulocoracoid, unfinished forelimb, and vertebrae) were improved from the Baynshirenstaya Svita of the Mongolian People's Republic in sediments dated flanked by the Cenomanian to Turonian (Cretaceous).

Segnosaurus can be illustrious from other therizinosaurs on the basis of mesial mandibular teeth that are noticeably flattened and only slightly recurved and by the moderate density of the pedal unguals. The latero-dorsal shelf on the dentary starts at the fourteenth dentary tooth place and runs backwards for half the length of the lower jaw, unlike the shelf in Erlikosaurus which starts at the fifth tooth position. This would have indicated that Segnosaurus did not have as wide "cheeks" as Erlikosaurus would have had.



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