Saurornithoides Dinosaur

Saurornithoides deinosaurs has been dated to the Barremian period of Early Cretaceous Period.It have been found in Mangolia and china.It was about 6 ft 6 in/2m long.Saurornithoides was a fast running dinosaur from 79 million years ago. It was related to Troodon.The skull of this dinosaur was bird-like,low and housed a long brain,giving its owner an intelligence far superior to that of most other dinosaurs around at the time.

Baryonyx Dinosaur

must have been huge relative to head,judging from the size of their sockets.Morever,thier position suggests that these dinosaurs could have had binocular vision-all the better to judge distances between the objects.such large eyes suggest nocturnal habits.Saurornithoides,together with other members of its family,was probably active after twilight,dodging through the woods to hunt down small mammals and reptiles. Saurornithoides was discovered in the Gobi Desert on an expedition in the 1920's that was led by Roy Chapman Andrews. The dinosaurs Velociraptor, Protoceratops, and Oviraptor were also discovered during these expeditions to the Gobi Desert.

Saurornithoides Facts:



10, 5 m. (32 ft.)

Main Facts:

It is also known as "Fish Eater". Baryonyx was the only known piscivorous (fish-eating) dinosaur.