Saurischian means "lizard-hipped," dinosaurs with a lizard-like pelvic structure. Saurischians were also differentiated by their long necks and asymmetrical fingers.


The rocks under which these fossils were found belongs to the Carnian age known to be the last Triassic age reported by the ICS which dates back to 230 million years before and a fossil found in Mongolia in 1994.

Saurischian dinosaurs are normally differentiated from ornithischian dinosaurs by their pronged pelvic structure, with the pubis pointed forward. Pelvis arranged with the pubis rotated backward, parallel with the ischium, often also with a forward-pointing process, giving a four-pronged structure. We can name the saurischian hip structure as "lizard-hipped" dinosaurs, because they retained the ancestral hip anatomy also found in modern lizards and other reptiles.


The Saurischian dinosauars are divided into two types, namely sauropodomorpha- four-legged herbivores, and the theropods, two-legged carnivores. The oldest known dinosaurs are Saurischians, and date from late-Triassic period, about 230 million years ago.

Saurischian facts:
Name: Saurischian (lizard hipped).
Named By:

Harry Seeley, a British scientist.

Time period:

late-Triassic period, about 230 million years ago.

Fossil: found in Mongolia in 1994.