Saltriosaurus (Saltrio-lizard) was a theropod dinosaur which lived throughout the Jurassic period. It was establish in 1996, when Angelo Zanella exposed its remains in a quarry in Saltrio, in northern Italy. Very little is recognized about the dinosaur. The name Saltriosaurus, given to it in 2000 by Dal Sasso, is a nomen nudum.

Saltriosaurus is consideration to have resembled Allosaurus, and is the oldest known three-fingered dinosaur. Like Allosaurus, it appears to have been carnivorous and is predictable to have weighed about 1,100 pounds (500 kilograms). It was 26 feet (eight meters) long and 13 feet (four meters) tall, with a skull 28 inches (70 centimeters) long. The single tooth that has been established was about 2.8 inches (seven centimenters) long.

Saltriosaurus Dinosaur

Discovered thus far, about ten percent of the skeleton: lateral tooth, dorsal rib fragments, scapular piece, furcula, humeri, metacarpal II, phalanx II-1, phalanx III-1, phalanx III-2, manual ungual III, proximal fibula, distal tarsal III, distal tarsal IV.