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Rajasaurus Dinosaur Rajasaurus narmadensis is a bipedal theropod dinosaur recognized by Chicago paleontologists Paul Sereno and Jeff Wilson. The bones had been excavated in 1983 by a joint Indo-American group, counting members from the University of Michigan, University of Chicago, and the Punjab University of Northern India, working in India's Narmada valley.

In news let go from the University of Chicago dated August 13, 2003, Rajasaurus narmadensis is described as a "stocky, carnivorous dinosaur with a strange head crest.... The discovery represents the first skull ever assembled of a dinosaur of any kind in India." It almost certainly had a small horn. While the skull is unfinished, the pieces found include the jaws and brain case. The specimen is predictable to have been about 25-30 feet long. The bones are dated at 65 million years old, putting them at the end of the Cretaceous.

The name Rajasaurus narmadensis means "regal dinosaur from the Narmada." The bones were establish near the Narmada River in western India.



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