Parvicursor remotus was a tiny Alvarezsaurian dinosaur, with extended slender legs for fast running. Only 45 to 55 cm (18 to 22 in) from snout to end of tail, it may have been the negligible dinosaur known.

Like other alvarezsaurs, Parvicursor's forelimbs were small and stubby, with hands all but completely turned into a single big claw, perhaps for opening tough termite mounds or other types of digging. It is unlikely that the claw could have served much for defense, as it was short and not designed for supple movements - it is more likely it would do as the animal's name implies: cursor means runner.

Parvicursor is recognized from Late Cretaceous sediments in Mongolia. It is only known from one incomplete specimen, typically pelvis and hind legs. Close relatives include Alvarezsaurus, Patagonykus, Mononykus and its most newly discovered and closest relative, Shuvuuia.

Parvicursor Dinosaur