How rapid could dinosaurs walk or run?

Estimates of dinosaur speeds differ because numerous different methods are used to calculate them. One new estimate suggests that an average person might have been capable to to outrun an adult Tyrannosaurus (though you possibly would not volunteer to try). The two basic approaches for estimating dinosaur speed are comparing to recorded speeds of contemporary animals of similar body size and build, and measuring distances between fossil footprints in a track way and using these distances to compute estimated speed.

Walking-speed estimates for medium-sized bipedal (two-legged) dinosaurs differ from 4 kph to 6 kph, and peak running-speed estimates diverge from 37 kph to 88 kph. The maximum figure (88.6 kph) is the same as the peak speed of the presently fastest land animals, such as the North American pronghorn antelope (Antilocapra americana), and very possibly is too high.