Yale Peabody Museum

Established year : 1876
Visiting Hours : Open Mon-Sat 10am-5pm
Holidays : sunday
Contact : (203) 432-3740
Address : 170 Whitney Ave New Haven, CT 06511-8902
State : Connecticut
Country : United States
Organizer :
Resource Website: : http://www.peabody.yale.edu/
Museum Exhibits:
  • The main draw of Peabody is it's Dinosaur collection.
  • A Stegosaurs, an Apatasaurs, a few sea monsters and a few raptors grace the room.
Few words about the Museum:
Yale Peabody Museum, with its world-class collections, is able to bring tremendous resources. Inspire people, especially children, with a love for the natural and cultural world and an appreciation of its importance to human health and wellbeing.