Museo Municipal Carmen Funes

Established year : 1984
Visiting Hours : Mon-fri: 9hrs to 19hrs, sat,sun and holidays:10.30hrs to 20.30hrs
Holidays : no holidays
Contact : +54 (0299) 4965486
Address : Jujuy Chaco, S/n, (8319) Rincon de los Sauces, Ne
State : Neuquen
Country : Argentina
Organizer :
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Museum Exhibits:
Here the exhibits are 440 items listed. They mostly belong to sauropod dinosaur’s titanosaurids, some turtles and crocodiles under.
Few words about the Museum:
Carmen Funes Museum is an institution run by Ms Esther Liliana Rikemberg, which together with a group of technicians trained and efficient. It also features the renovation of its exhibition halls.