Fort Worth Museum of Science

Established year : 1849
Visiting Hours : Mon-Sat 9:30am-5pm; Sun 11:45am-5pm
Holidays : no holidays
Contact : (817) 255-9300
Address : Texas
State : Texas
Country : United States
Organizer : Curtis Kling.
Resource Website: :
Museum Exhibits:
Dino Labs and Dino-dig bring the fascinating story of North Texas dinosaurs to life with full articulations of dinosaur skeletons and a dig site replicating a local paleontological field site.
Few words about the Museum:
It's permanent exhibits like the all-new Lone Star Dinosaurs, ExploraZone, KIDSPACE and DinoDig. The Omni Theater, an IMAX dome, uses an 80-foot domed screen and 72 speakers to present a wide variety of giant-screen adventures. The Noble Planetarium presents regular astronomical programs. Museum School offers classes for preschool and elementary school-aged children.