Archaeopteryx Dinosaur

Archaeopteryx Is the genus name of dinosaurs ,which belong to the family Archaeopterygidae .The genus name refers to "old wing" or the "ancient feather". Archaeopteryx dinosaurs is a transition between the nom-avian feathered dinosaurs & modern birds. palaeontologist and some popular references accept that Archaeopteryx is the oldest known bird , by late nineteenth century & twenty –first century during the Late Jurassic Epoch. The feathered dinosaurus first known was Archaeopteryx. It has a long tail and broad wings. It looks like a normal two legged feathered dinosaurus. It is meat eating dinosaur, which diet mostly on lizards , frogs, dragonfly, beetles ect.. They don't mostly rest on trees.  

archaeopteryx dinosaur


Archaeopteryx length may vary up to 20 inches , and weigh around 1.9 to 2.2 lbs. They are known for their well developed flight feathers. Archaeopteryx has a long bony tail and broad wings which indicate it could fly. It had a sharp teeth and the three fingers with claws. It had a "killing claws" which is the second toe.