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Yunnanosaurus is otherwise known as Yunnan lizard and this genus belongs to the family of prosauropod dinosaur. It is believed that the species have been lived in the current Woodlands of Asia, about 200-185 million years ago in the early Jurassic period. Yunnanosaurus comes under the classification of Chordata, Sauropsida, Dinosauria, Saurischia, Sauropodomorpha, and Prosauropoda.

>Yunnanosaurus Dinosaur

Yunnanosaurus is considered as the important species as its characteristic features were endowed with an unexpected development that puts forth in the transition of convergent evolution. Skulls of Yunnanosaurus contain over 60 relatively advanced, sauropod-like teeth which lead to the beginning of next evolution of species.

From the fossil skeleton it had been observed that the dinosaur is about 23 feet long weighing one ton approximately. Its distinguishing characteristics include Slender build; long neck and tail; sauropod-like teeth. This primitive herbivores dinosaur had long necks, long tails, and high, narrow heads with short snouts. The creature walked on four legs as it had facultative quadruped morphology.

Yunnanosaurus facts:

Yunnanosaurus(Greek for "Yunnan lizard")



Distinguishing Characteristics:

Slender build; long neck and tail; sauropod-like teeth