Velafrons Dinosaur

Velafrons belongs to the family of lambeosaurine hadrosaurid dinosaur that had been found existed in the late Campanian age of Upper Cretaceous Cerro del Pueblo Formation, over 72 million years ago. The fossil remains of the species were first discovered near Rincon Colorado, Coahuila, Mexico. This herbivore species comes under the classification of Chordata, Reptilia, Dinosauria, Ornithischia, Ornithopoda, Hadrosauridae, Lambeosaurinae.

The species was named by Terry A. Gates, Scott D. Sampson, Carlos R. Delgado de Jesús, Lindsay E. Zanno, David Eberth, Rene Hernandez-Rivera, Martha C. Aguillón Martínez & James I Kirkland in 2007. The preserved holotype, CPC-59 is the known part of collection of this species that consists of a complete skull and partial skeleton of a juvenile individual, with a bony crest on the forehead.

Velafrons Dinosaur

From the identified fossil specimen it has been observed that the dinosaur was about 7.6 meters long where the adults might have reached around10 meters long. Velafrons showed same resemblance to that of species Corythosaurus and Hypacrosaurus. But, the adult skull was very large than other genera at a similar growth stage. Velafrons is considered as the biggest dinosaur species than its other related genera.

Velafrons facts:
Name: Velafrons (Sailed forehead).
Size: Estimated around 7.6 meters long
Fossil representation:

Skull and partial skeleton of a juvenile.