Rinchenia belongs to the family of Mongolian oviraptorid dinosaur, which found existed in the late Cretaceous Period. The fossil remains of the species were recovered in Mongolia. The species comes under the classification of Chordata,  Reptilia,  Dinosauria, Saurischia, Theropoda, Oviraptoridae. The diet of Rinchenia remains uncertain. 

Rinchenia Dinosaur

The species was named by H. Osmolska, P. J. Currie & R. Barsbold in 2004. The preserved holotype, GI 100/32A is the known part of collection that consists of a complete skull and lower jaw, partial vertebral column, partial forelimbs and shoulder girdle, partial hind limbs and pelvis, and a furcula. From the known skeletal structure it is estimated that the body size of Rinchenia is about 1.5 meters long. The creature had a very fragile skeletal system and highly developed, dome-like casque.

Rinchenia facts:
Name: Rinchenia (named after the paleontologist Rinchen Barsbold).
Named By: H. Osmolska, P. J. Currie & R. Barsbold - 2004.
Fossil representation: Complete skull and partial post cranial skeleton.