Nanotyrannus belongs to the family of tyrannosaurid dinosaur. The genus was first discovered and described by Robert T.Bakker,Phil Currie & Michael Williams-1988. It is believed that those species have been lived in North America, in the Maastrichtian of the Cretaceous period about 70 million years ago. This carnivore species comes under the classification of Chordata,Reptilia,Dinosauria, Saurischia, Theropoda, Tyrannosauridae.

Nanotyrannus Dinosaur

From the skeletal structure it has been observed that the species is 5.2? ?meters long. As the remains of Nanotyrannus resembled close with tyrannosaurid family, the species has been categorized under tyrannosaurid. But the two identical species differs in its tooth arrangement. Nanotyrannus had more teeth in its upper and lower jaws than that of its predecessor species. It roughly had 14-15 teeth in each side of the upper jaw and 16 teeth in each side of the lower jaw. Nanotyrannus also differs from tyrannosaurid in metacarpal morphology.

Nanotyrannus facts:
Name: Argentinosaurus Dinosaurs(Nah-no-ty-ran-nus)
Size: 5.2 meters long for holotype.
Time period:

Maastrichtian of the Cretaceous.