Kotasaurus belong to the family of sauropod dinosaur, one of the most basal sauropods known to have existed in the Early Jurassic period. It is believed that those species are the inhabitants of current India. And so far 12 remains were discovered in the Kota Formation of Andhra Pradesh near the village of Yamanpalli. In late 1970s, total of 840 skeletal parts have been found and later it was described by P. Yadagiri categorizing it under a new genus and species of sauropod, Kotasaurus yamanpalliensi. The researches revealed that the creature was a large, quadrupedal herbivore with long neck and tail.

Kotasaurus Dinosaur

The body length is estimated approximately of 9 meters long with straight femur and columnar limbs. The overall structure of the creature was predicted approximately 30 feet long and 10 feet tall. Like all sauropods, the species also had the spoon shaped teeth with other basal features of relatively short and slightly twisted humerus. The skeletal structure of Kotasaurus were built massive that has been in contrast with the other genus of Barapasaurus group ".