Khaan belonged to the family of oviraptorid dinosaur that had been found existed in the late Cretaceous Period, 75 million years ago. James M. Clark was the first person to name the species asKhaan mckennai in 2001. The name of the genus is derived after the Mongolian emperor "Mongol khaan".

A complete skeleton of the holotype IGM 100/1127 was found together with another specimen, IGM 100/1002. Both the specimens were four feet long. On further experiments, khaan showed the same behavioral property as that of oviraptorids and so it is recognized under oviraptorid family. The skeletal structure revealed that the species is a feathered creature.

Khaan Dinosaur

It is predicted that khaan was probably of partial meat eater which might feed on small vertebrates like mammals and also on other small dinosaurs. It is often characterized that the creature had walked on two legs and had feather-like structures.

Khaan facts:
Name: Khaan Dinosaur (Mongolian for "lord");
Size: 4 feet long and 30 pounds
Habitat: Woodlands of Central Asia.