The Kaatedocus dinosaurs fall under the category of diplodocine flagellicaudatan sauropod having its origin from the northern Wyoming of USA in the middle Late Jurassic period, the dinosaurs fossils which were obtained contain skull and also cervical vertebrae gathered from the Morrison Formation, the only known species which was recovered was Kaatedocus siberi which was explained in the guidance of Emanuel Tschopp and Octávio Mateus in the year of 2012.


A group from the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) under the guidance of Barnum Brown and financial support of Sinclair Oil Corporation obtained approximately three thousand saurapod bones from the land of rancher Barker Howe which is closer to a place called Shell coming under the Big Horn County in the year of 1934, further the excavations were completely terminated after 1935,since Howe was already satisfied with the publicity he got through the achievement and also the dinosaurs fossils which were collected had a huge demand and gave a huge pay.

TMost of the dinosaurs skeletons got misplaced in a fire accident which took place at the AMNH in the period of 1940’s and they could not be properly explained due to this reason, Later a few more were discarded as they began to rot since they were stored in the chicken run in the region of Shell, out of all approximately only 10 percent of the dinosaurs fossils are still now in existence, based on a skull the description was given which postulated that these dinosaurs come under the Barosaurus category, later another research took place by Hans-Jakob Siber in the year of 1989 who was known to be the founder of Swiss Sauriermuseum Aathal, the Hans-Jakob Siber’s team found out 450 bones which was very near to the How Quarry, these bones are now kept in the Swiss museum.

Kaatedocus facts:
Name: Kaatedocus (small beam?).
Named By:

E. Tschopp & O. V. Mateus - 2012.

Time period:

Kimmeridgian of the Jurassic.

Fossil representation: Skull and Cervical (neck) vertebrae. Other fossils once collected were destroyed in a fire.