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The Jingshanosaurus dinosaurs falls under the category of prosauropod dinosaurs originating from the Early Jurassic period, the dinosaurs fossils includes a full skeleton with a skull recovered from the town of Jingshan in the Lufeng County coming under the Yunnan Province of China, the name is obtained from the place it was found, the Jingshanosaurus was initially explained in the year of 1995. The similar kind of species known to be the J. xinwaensis which was legalized under Zhang and Yang, the dinosaurs fossils have been kept in the museums many years before it was legalized and named.


These dinosaurs were the last species of dinosaurs coming under the category of prosauropods, drastically diminished which was a favor for the sauropods known to be their larger cousins. Jingshanosaurus were similar to that of the Yunnanosaurus also the Jingshanosaurus were classified under the Yunnanosauridae family. Also the scientist Dong Zhiming belived that these animals were the biggest species ever known under the category of Yunnanosaurus, this in turn proves that the Jingshanosaurus is a basal species of Yunnanosaurus.

Jingshanosaurus facts:
Name: Jingshanosaurus (Greek for "Jingshan lizard").

Woodlands of Asia.

Time period:

Cenomanian of the Cretaceous.

Fossil representation: Fragmentary skull and partial post cranial remains.