Herrerasaurus holds the meaning Herrera’s lizard was one of the dinosaurs considered to be the oldest of all the others which was found to be discovered succeeding the discovery of the first ever known specimen by a rancher.

The rocks under which these fossils were found belongs to the Carnian age known to be the last Triassic age reported by the ICS which dates back to 231.4 million years before in the region of northwestern Argentina , another similar kind of species known to be the Herrerasaurus ischigualastensis explained through Osvaldo Reig in the year 1963 and also the single species to come under this family, The similar species are the Ischisaurus and also the Frenguellisaurus.


The proper family of the animal was not known for several years as the discovery only contained fragments. The Herrerasaurus was presumed to come under the theropods , sauropodomorph and also the saurischian at a certain stage assumed to come under the archosaur which does not belong to the dinosaur family at all, finally it was grouped under the category of a primitive theropod and a primitive saurischian correctly preceeding 5 reviews of the theropod’s origin only after recovering its full skeleton and skull in the year 1988, many of the scientists considered it to be the most early genus coming under the Theropoda.

It was grouped under the Herrerasauridae family which was a look alike of the Herrerasaurus classified under the primitive families of the dinosaurs which originated earlier than the rest of the others.

Herrerasaurus facts:
Name: Herrerasaurus (Herrera’s lizard).
Named By:

Osvaldo Reig - 1963.

Time period:

Ladinian to early Carnian of the Triassic.

Fossil representation: Remains of several individuals represented by partial remains, and a single complete skull.