Gryposaurus hold a meaning hooked nose lizard also wrongly interpreted to be griffin lizard inherits from duckbilled dinosaur which was estimated to have lived approximately 83 to 74 million years before originating form North America in the end of Cretaceous at the time period of late Santonian to late Campanian.

The well known species coming under the Gryposaurus were estimated to have originated in the Formations of Dinosaur Park in the places of Alberta, Canada. There are two more formations found in the United States known to be Lower Two Medicine Formation in the place of Montana and the Kaiparowits Formation in Utah, province of U.S.


Another species Kritosaurus which is a look alike of Gryposaurus was believed to be the same kind for several years, Owing to the presence of many skulls, few skeletons, few skin impressions it has been proved to possess pyramidal scales which protrudes form the central line in its back. They are separated from the duckbills variety as the Gryposaurus contain narrow arching nasal hump which was a look alike of the Roman Nose in the appearance , This appearance helps in finding out the gender and also for fighting with the similar kind of species, Gryposaurus is herbivorous in nature which is believed to be bipedal or also quadrapedal as far as locomotion details are concerned , The body’s entire length is 9 meters which is 30 ft also capable of moving through the rivers.

Gryposaurus facts:
Name: Gryposaurus (hook nosed lizard).
Named By:

Lawrence Lambe - 1914.

Time period:

Santonian to Campanian of the Cretaceous.

Fossil representation: Multiple skulls and sets of post cranial remains.