Fukuisaurus holding a meaning Fukui lizard is under the Cretaceous family originating from the well known Japan . It is a herbivore and also comes under the orthinopod category of dinosaurs.

The fossil remains were initially found out in the year 1989, The timescale it was found backs to the Barremian period in the rocky formations of Kitadani in the Katsuyama under the Fukui province.


The Fukuisaurus tetoriensis is known to be well explained in the year of 2003 in the assistance of Yoshitsugu Kobayashi and Yoichi Azuma, Their specific name is from the Tetori groups involved in Geology and the genus name obtained from Fukui; The specimens FPDM-V-40-1 and FPDM-V-40-2 which were obtained are explained to be a proper maxilla with the two maxilla bones forms the upper jaw and palate of the mouth and proper jugal which relates to the Zygomatic bone, Various fragments of the skull and a correct sternal plate was discovered too, After 2003 more number of fragments have been found and for now most of the skeleton fragments are declared to be found.

The length of the animal is measured to be 4.5 meters and they weigh four hundred kg approximately which was revealed by Gregory S.Paul in the year 2010, Since the animal is bipedal and also partially quadrapedal they have lots of similarities with the Iguanodon, Ouranosaurus and Altirhinus species , The researchers of the Fukuisaurus proposed that the animal had a immovable skull so the maxilla is very firmly fixed with the vomer so this promotes a chewing process which happens on the sides is totally not possible. A research which compares various organisms proved the Fukuisaurus to be sub classified from Hadrosauroidea but partially obtained from Altirhinus.

Fukuisaurus facts:
Name: Fukuisaurus (Fukui lizard).
Named By:

Kobayashi & Azuma - 2003.

Time period:

Barremian of the Cretaceous.

Fossil representation: Several known specimens of partial remains.