The Fukuiraptors holding the meaning thief of Fukui originated from Cretaceous(Barremian) now known as Japan, They have an intermediate size and was a carnivorous animal, They first assumed the Fukuiraptors to come under the Dromaeosauridae category but after thorough research proved them to be under the Allosaurus category subdivided from the Neovenatoridae family. Lately it was proved that the megaraptorans come under the tyrannosaurois family hence the Fukuiraptor is declared tyrannosauroid coelurosaur.


The Fukuiraptor’s specimen had a length measurement 4.2 meters which is an average humans skulls measurement. Assumed that the specimen is acquired from a partially grown, immature one it is told that they would grow even bigger. Furthermore investigations have proved that the recently acquired holotypes from the same regions are very small compared to the holotype (Currie & Azuma, 2006) and also even more smaller ones were found measuring quarter of the original holotypes size.

During the early times of the disclosure it was mistakenly referred to as the dromaeosaur since both of their claws have a look alike appearance, But later it was announced to be subdivided from the group of Allosauroidea which are most likely in their appearance with the Allosaurus originating from the regions of Australia.

Fukuiraptor facts:
Name: Fukuiraptor (Fukui thief).
Named By:

Azuma & Currie - 2000.

Time period:

Barremian of the Cretaceous.

Fossil representation: Single specimen.