The Europasaurus holgeri dinosaur shows a distinctive anatomical feature which is not clear. The premaxilla a pair of small cranial bones used for breathing is projected in the anterodorsal direction a central notch an indentation on the edge of a bone acts as a posterior dorsal border to the vertebrae below the skull known as the cervical vertebral centra;

The scapulra acromion known as the bony process in the shoulder blade is found to be protruding in the posterior direction , The horizontal width of the astragular plant is double the dorsoventral height also double the anteroposterior width, The difference between a Europasaurus and Camarasaurus is that a wing like posterior process of one of the bones in vertebrate skulls which forms a portion of the dermal skull roof known to be the post orbital which is moderately higher in length and also the width in comparison with the anterior process height wise it is shorter than the Camarasaurus, Further comparisons conclude that the Europasaurus has a nasal-frontal contact which is short height wise and the parietal bones which are bones in the skull are rectangular in shape from the top view.


Their snout looks narrow and pointed in their appearance with an entire body length of 4.5 meters and a weight oIn comparison with the Camarasaurus the Europasaurus contains neural spines of presacral vertebrae which is not partitioned also comparing with Brachiosaurus the Europasaurus contains a short muzzle also The quadratojugal a small jaw bone touches the squamosal a bone of the head also the humerus is flat in the anteromedial direction containing the end of a long bone that is originally separated from the main bone by a layer of cartilage but that later becomes united to the main bone through ossification which is known to be the distal epiphyses found in the centre point and not properly aligned, The macronarian Lusotitan of the Juarraic Park origin and also the Cetiosauras humerocristatus could be brought in comparison with the Europasaurus known for their unique characteristics, The dinosaurs of Neosauropoda is differentiated from that of Europasaurus since they resemble to be a semi-adult in terms of size.


Europasaurus facts:
Name: Europasaurus (European lizard).
Named By:

Mateus, Laven, & Knötschke vide Sander et al - 2006.

Time period:

Kimmeridgian of the Jurassic.

Fossil representation: Many individuals represented by partial remains, including juveniles.