Ekrixinatosaurus known to be as the Explosion-Born Reptile inherits from the theropod which was from the family of abelisaurs estimated of survival to be in the period of Late Cretaceous. The Ekrixinatosaurus is believed to be explained first through Argentina based paleontologist Jorge Calvo,Chilean paleontologist David Rubilar-Rogers and also Karen Moreno in the year of 2004, the fossils known to be discovered in the country of Argentina having geologic formations dating back to 100-97 mya .Candelerous formations having bed rock deposits known as outcrops majorly found in the areas of Rio Negro, Neuquén and Mendoza which are places of Argentina.


Ekrixinatosaurus is the biggest of all specimens in the category of abelisaurids till now with a length of 11 meters (33 to 36 feet), they have a large head and strong in nature known to be a mighty predator and a scavenger too possessing an ability to secure themselves from other types of predators which are capable of killing them, A newly found species from the Abelisaurid family originating in the period of northwestern Turkana’s sandstone dates back to Maastrichtian period with a length of 11-12 meters found in Kenya.

Ekrixinatosaurus facts:
Name: Ekrixinatosaurus (Explosion-born lizard).
Named By:

Jorge Calvo, David Rubilar-Rogers & Karen Moreno - 2004.

Time period:

Cenomainan of the Cretaceous.

Fossil representation: Partial skull and post cranial remains.